To Clean or Not to Clean?

Mate… We all like Shiny Treasure’s !

Cleaning Coins is not a good idea. Most cloths and solutions made with peroxide, bleach, baking soda, lemon, salt, water, car wax or other cleaning chemicals can harm by adding scratches, grooves and destroy detail and monetary value.

If you don’t care about depreciation than no need to read the rest of this post. But…if you do? Imagine taking a coin valued at $800.00 and cleaning it. Now imagine the same coin and the value has dropped below half or worse!

Who remembers using Mercury?

As a younger Pirate kid, I use to get Mercury from electronic parts and old house thermostats. Aarrggg car bumpers looked great as did aarrggg coins.  I spent hours having fun!  years later, I learned Mercury is harmful in large amounts. There are hobbyists that still shine their coins using this.

So…what Attracts You?

Metal is porous. Even though we rinse and rinse and rinse, then pat dry, air dry, blow dry, heat aarrrggg ovens or dry under the Sun, the chemicals or solutions continue to “eat” away at the metal, and continue to produce a film which attracts dirt, grime … even years later … corrosion can form. Corrosion can begin from the inside.

Is there anything safe to Use?

The best solution is not use anything at all. There are coin “dips” that are safe and only meant to dip lightly or use a damp cotton swab to gently remove surface dirt. You would never use on uncirculated or rare coins or designer brand bullion products.


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