Shipping Yer’ Treasure’s Mate

Purchase $75 or More

CALIFORNIA Residents: To meet our state requirements,we charge sales tax on all purchases, including shipping & handling. 

***IF you have a valid California Resale # – please advise of this before paying. ***We will need to validate your number and adjust the sales tax.

We ship Monday through Friday. Due to holidays …USPS will not deliver mail.  Pirates do need rest, so may be gone for much needed R & R. We will have our Vacation setting on. Mailing your Treasure’s may be delayed.

Mates… whether it be Domestic or Internationalsome of you have moved around quite a bit….some Pirates must be after you? sometimes there are two buyer shipping addresses and can really pose a problem for us and you. We don’t want your package(s) “Cast to the Wind”. When this occurs, we  contact you first to verify that your correct mailing address.

IF, you are not satisfied when you receive your Treasure(s), please contact us first if you are wanting a refund. You need to pay return shipping costs and once we receive your returned Treasure(s)  undamaged, we will refund your money through PayPal.

Please consider donating to charitable organizations like Guide Dogs for the Blind, Best Friends Animal Society, Northeast Animal Shelter, and other Charities to Help Mankind.