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What is Amber? Not Just Another Pretty Name

Mate, while Amber is a pretty name, let’s explore the kind of Amber I am talking about. One of me’ passions is authentic Amber stones.  I love the colors of the Traditional Amber. Colors vary from black, deep orange, yellow, opaque, translucent resin. Rarer types are red and blue and green. True green Baltic Amber [...]

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Who Sank the “El Cazador” ?

“The Hunter” King Charles III, had ordered more hard currency into the local economy as there was an influx of paper currency and scallywags who were counterfeiting! One of the reasons why this currency was losing it’s value. Adding to other problems…King Carlos II needed to pay his soldiers and government officials and ordered money [...]

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To Clean or Not to Clean?

Mate… We all like Shiny Treasure’s ! Cleaning Coins is not a good idea. Most cloths and solutions made with peroxide, bleach, baking soda, lemon, salt, water, car wax or other cleaning chemicals can harm by adding scratches, grooves and destroy detail and monetary value. If you don’t care about depreciation than no need to [...]

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