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Baubles N Booty

We wanted a different name. To preserve that “KID” in all of us!

Just in case … Baubles is Jewelry and Booty is the other Loot we Find, like Coins and Doublooms. Actually, both names can encompass Rocks, Shells etc.

To keep a sense of humor … let’s have fun … let’s bring laughter … and let’s bring smiles to all AARRRGGG Mates !

Yes, Captain Donna and her crew has to be Honest & Professional too!

I chose me’ husband Sid as me’ Quartermaster. Did you know … the Quartermaster watches over me’ crew and all the staples on board me’ ship? He makes sure  nothing is stolen. The most important job Sid has is to make sure the entire crew won’t do any harm to me.

N’ 2004, we celebrated me’ mother’s birthday. Tossing around a few bottles of “rum” and other ideas. These ideas lead us to “Sunken Treasure … Loot … Booty … and one of our favorite Rides at Disneyland … Pirates of the Caribbean.

Did I tell you ….We have years of experience!

Unfortunately, I am no longer able to come to you and give appraisals..

Just too many “Skirmishes with Scallywags!

Quartermaster Sid with Captain Donna. One of our Coin & Jewelry Shows.

Our Mascot “Sugar” is always helping us. She keeps watch for New Treasure ! and looks out for those Dishonest Pirates!

We love Animals!

Please consider donating to Guide Dogs for the Blind, America’s Vet Dogs or other Charities to Help Mankind. 

 You are welcome to email me captaindonna@baublesnbooty.com 

I have many clients who email me with a general list of coins. I have clients who get to know me and will mail their coins to me for an appraisal.

 Building Trust is Important.  


Our Treasure Chest is Always Changing!

Know Why Pirates are the Coolest?..